What If He Hasn’t Said “I Love You!”?

What If He Hasn’t Said “I Love You!”?

The phrase “I love you!” is a very important one for couples to hear from each other and especially so when the relationship is moving from a casual acquaintance to a more permanent one. It is like the official announcement that he, or she, really is in love with you and through these words is making a commitment for a long-term relationship.

But sometimes, and maybe particularly men, can take a long time to say “I love you!”. This can be for a variety of reasons

Maybe he is too shy to say “I love you!”, or maybe he is afraid that you might reject him.

On the other hand he might simply be afraid of commitment, as for many, saying these words is as good as saying “I want to be with you for the rest of our lives!” and that might just be too much for some men to contemplate.

Another reason why he might not have said “I love you!” is because he has grown up in a home where these words were never, or very rarely, uttered so they are simply not common to his language. And sometimes there might be no reason at all – it just hasn’t crossed his mind to say it even if you have.

I also know that there are some men who feel that if they say it because you said it then it might feel more like it’s been coerced out of them and doesn’t feel right because it has not been offered on their own accord.

If this is your issue, and you really want to know the truth, the best thing you can do is simply to ask him openly if he does love you. Of course, it might hurt your ego if he says something like “everything is just fine between us” or worse “Why did you have to ask that question? You just went and spoilt it all.”

If the latter is the case – be warned! He is most likely with you just for the good time and nothing more. In such a case, you then need to decide if you really want to stay with him, but if he does not love you, it might be time to leave him and move on.

But what if you have been in a relationship for some time and he still hasn’t said “I love you!”. What if he is reluctant or evasive even about answering your question or says something like “Of Course I do, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t” but still refuses to say the words? It would be very natural for you to be worried.

“Does he really love me?”

You may find yourself repeatedly asking the question of yourself – “Does he really love me?” In such a situation, you should certainly take a really close look at what is going on and ask yourself whether this is a relationship you really want to be in.

If the answer is not then maybe, no matter how you feel, it really is time to move on. Love is a two-way street and so both of you need to be in it fully if it’s going to last forever. Relationships simply cannot last if only one person is committed and saying the words “I love you!”

So until next time – Relate with Love

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