The 90 Day Challenge

Is Your Relationship Needing Some Repairing?

The Relationship Remedy Program is about committing to a period of time of going all out to make your relationship the best it can be.

It’s based on a ‘90 Day Challenge’. This means that for the next 90 days you are being asked to commit to give 100% of your effort to catapult your relationship to a whole new level.

Just as sometimes it is good to take some time to repair your body, like with a body detox, it can also be good to do the same thing to your relationships. This is like a relationship detox.

When you are developing a body detox you may first take a measure of your weight and body fat and any one of a number of other body standards like BMI or body water.

You might even go and see your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to do a body detox and get some other things checked as well like your blood pressure or maybe even get some blood taken to check your blood sugar levels, your cholesterol levels and/or liver and kidney function.

With all this information you can then contemplate how best to structure your detox program as well as note what other things you might need to pay attention to in the process.

 Maybe then you would set some goals for what you want to achieve from this detox as you plan how to actually best carry it out.

 An Exciting Program That Will Be Easy to Complete

And Great Fun Too.

 So just like a Body Detox this program will require some conscious effort and, just like a Body Detox, it will be worth every ounce of effort you put in it as you get to the end and feel really alive with renewed energy in your relationship.

This is about giving unconditionally to your partner with all the love you have to give.

 What it really means to take on the challenge is simply to play ‘all out’: To no longer be just a spectator of your relationship, but an active and dynamic participant.

 This challenge is about looking at and repairing every part of your relationship. It includes managing the everyday things that need to be done to make a household operate effectively, as well as having some fun time with each other, in and out of the house.

Here’s some of the topics we’ll cover in your challenge:

 Have a Night of Passion – Day 14

Cook A Meal For Each Other – Day 53

Go dancing – Day 78

Write Some Poetry – Day 88

Name a Star After your Partner – Day 57

Be A Slave For A Day – Day 82

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset Together – Day 79

This, I promise you, is not only a whole heap of fun to do, but is the single most effective way to elevate your relationship to a place you never thought possible.

 If you are willing to give, above and beyond the call of duty, then your relationship will also be raised above and beyond what you might have ever considered possible for you as a couple.

 Are you ready for the 90 Day Challenge?

 This means that for the next 90 days you will give 100+% of your effort to making your relationship the best it can be. This is about giving absolutely to your partner with all the love you have to give.

Just Three Simple Steps To Complete The Program:

Step 1: Complete an Assessment to find out where your strengths are.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the email you receive each day for the next 90 days.

Step 3: Redo the Assessment to discover how you have improved.

If possible complete the program with your partner. It will be more fun that way though not absolutely necessary. You can complete the program on your own and see if your partner notices.

So go all out and really enjoy discovering who each of you really is and what you have the capacity to create from being in relationship with each other.

Play it all out and gain the benefit from it as a really great game not to see who can score more ‘hits’ but just for the fun of seeing what novel things you can come up with as you follow the challenge.

NB: As you’ll be getting a new challenge each day there’ll be no time to procrastinate. You will have to act pretty quickly so you’re ready for the next one that comes. So don’t think about it too much just do it.

Cost of the Program:

The Program costs $1.00 per day – ie $90 for the whole program.

Actually for a very limited time I am going to give you this program for just $45.00!!

That’s right because this program is brand new I am going to give it away for nothing and you’ll still get the bonuses. So click on the link below and head on over right NOW.


And not only that but as part of your introduction to the Program you will be sent a comprehensive Relationship Assessment Tool, and a copy of my downloadable e-book titled “The Primary Colors of Love”.

So Here’s all that You Get:

  • Access to the comprehensive Relationship Assessment Tool valued at $15.95
  • An email every day for 90 Days with a task for you to complete valued at $90.00
  • A Copy of my very special e-book titled “The Primary Colors of  Love” valued at $17.95


 That is $123.90 worth of value for just $45.00 when you

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Not only that but I will personally guarantee your success in taking the challenge. If you complete the challenge and you’re relationship is no better than it is now I will gladly give you your money back. No questions asked.

But hurry – subscribe now as this offer may close at any time when it will revert to the full price.

So if you, together with your partner, are ready to commit yourself to this program don’t waste another minute. Just complete the form below and I will see you on the other side.

So until then – Relate with Love

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