Will I Be Able To Love Again?



This is the question that comes up for us when we have lost love. This might be as a consequence of our partner saying they no longer wish to be with us or if they have betrayed us in some way such as in having an affair.

It’s nothing short of absolutely miserable when you are deceived by the one you put all your love in; all your faith and trust in.

So the real question here might be: Do you think that people can love again after they have been left or betrayed? The answer is absolutely yes!

Firstly that one person who betrayed you was not the last human being on earth. There are plenty more. And there are those who are worthy of your love and who will truly love you in return. And sometimes you just have to make a decision to move on.

Do you want to continue to offer your love to the person who cheated you?

Sometimes your love is so strong that it can forgive anything. Even the greatest betrayals just feel like trivial deceptions because of your love. Ask yourself if your love is strong enough that it can forgive and if you can, you should forgive and then decide what you must do from there.

In order to get past whatever it was that halted us we actually do need to find forgiveness before we can decide if there is a way to continue in the relationship. And sometimes in finding that forgiveness we must decide to move on.

Even if you think they do not deserve forgiveness, its fine, but you should not keep your heart from the beautiful feeling called love and the only way you can do that is through true forgiveness.

Love is such a feeling that if a person does not find it, it finds the person. Just don’t put up walls around yourself because someone deceived or betrayed you. The really critical thing here is learn from your past mistakes so that the time in that relationship has not been wasted.

You should be careful next time, do not make the mistakes that gave the other the liberty to deceive you. Learn from your previous relationship. The first time you got deceived you were a learner. The second time you get deceived you really need to now look inside to check if you might be drawing that kind of person to yourself in some way.

However, it does not mean that from the fear of deception, you draw back from love. The way forward is to know that you deserve better and to accept then nothing less from those around you.

And check yourself for any grudges you might be harboring. These need to be dealt with before you can move on. Don’t punish yourself by not trying again at love. Open your heart and soul and allow your love and the love of another to ‘complete you’.

So until next time – Relate with Love

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